Is it suicide or murder to kill a part of yourself?

Yami. I can't be with you anymore. You can't hold still for ten seconds, you're a miserable failure at life being a pillow, and you're an idiot.

And the rest of you. Die. Idiots. Most of you have done this split-identity piece at least once. Why the hell didn't any of you tell me how much work it was to sustain your own with some simpering fool inside of your

I do not like this place. My Pharaoh is sleeping now, and the altar scares me. He has told me that it is simply a table of writing like the scribes use, but I am not of trusting it. I think it may secretly be of the Hell. And that does not explain the memory of...taking my king over such a desk. Nor what the shiny things that bound his hands were. I found more of the shinies in the desk. They appear to be a sophisticated kind of restraint. Restraints of the sophistication and highly shining? They open, and they appear to have a snapping l

I am now restrained in a sophisticated manner. I do not think my Pharaoh will be pleased.


I am not sure I understand the meaning of this. All of this, this place, this is very familiar, but it cannot have been. My Pharaoh is changed, and I cannot...remember.... I can understand neither what the gods will, nor my master.

Please, make me to understand how I must serve!
This, Pain



No way to fix it.

Fuck it.

Stupid threas. Not reading them,. cometns. Not.

Ghinoh yo huty him so badly whnd he comes back.

fi h eomcs back. Howl ogns feding a cat take?<s/amll>

Fuck it. LEaving. TLAk to him some other itme.

Sgoi tos be the thired night

Where the fuck is he?
This, Pain


...I'll admit I didn't expect that.

But. It makes sense, of course. Take it down for record, at any rate.

"I wouldn't go back anyway."

Read it over. Once an hour, on the hour?

...Make that twice. Thrice?

Stop to read it every fifteen minutes, read it five times each time, and keep going like that unless he says something wo better?

The key to this thing is repetition. Drill it in until any sort of regret or hope or leftover emotion is gone. Pain there is irrelevant; it's only the result that matters. Besides. The human mind goes numb quickly.

I know knew (have to remember past tense; drill that in, too) him. I can manipulate him. It'd be easy. Then if I need a reminder, I can just let him give it to me. And if I could make him love me without even trying, then surely I can make him hate me.
Naturally superior

[PRIVATE] For real, this time.

...It occurs that if the objective was to make sure he didn't go, telling him to leave was not the most intelligent move.

But I won't go back on it. Regardless of

And it didn't beg him. That wasn't begging. Wasn't.

Next time I should arrange for entertainment, if it's going to end in "...Fine." and my telling him to leave. I didn't expect things would go wrong so soon after

Doesn't matter. It's not like I could care about something that stupid.

And I don't need him here.
Dear LJ

::Screened for Noa::

If anything remains of you, please speak up now.

(No, not because I want to obliterate the last traces; I'd do that easily enough without your help.)

The backup won't restore you properly if there's anything left of the original, so it's in your own best interests.
This, Pain


New rule.

I'm not allowed to understand why he wouldn't leave.


He's not going to do this on his own.